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Theoharis C. Theoharides, BA, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD

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News Articles

•• Dr. Theoharides paper "Neurotensin stimulates NTR3/sortilin and mTOR in human microglia: Potential therapeutic target in autism inhibitable by methoxyluteolin" has published online at

•• Dr. Theoharides selected to be included in "Famous Greeks"

•• Article on Dr. Theoharides' work on "BrainFog" in the Greek paper VIMA TIS KYRISKIS-SUNDAY SCIENCE edition (July 17, 2016)

•• Luteolin for mast cells, histamine and brain fog?



My mystery symptoms and mast cells (documentary)


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Interview with Dr. Theoharides on GREEK NATIONAL TV DIPLI MATIA on Autism and Brain Fog


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Radio Presentations

Interview of Dr. Theoharides by Mary Ann Rousso to The BlockTakRadio/Coffee Klatch/Special Needs Radio on Mast Cell Disorders.

Interview of Dr. Theoharides on intelligent radio by Dr. Hoffman on the benefits of luteolin.