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Is this skin lotion a drug?

Does it contain an antihistamine or hydrocortisone?

Does this lotion prevent or treat any condition?
No, but it may be used in combination with other appropriate treatments to help the skin recover. The combined effect of these ingredients and the electrolytes included provides long-acting hydration and soothing action, promoting healing.  

Who is likely to benefit from its use?
Those with dry, irritated, sensitive skin and those who cannot tolerate cosmetics.  
This lotion may also help the skin recover in those with medical conditions that involve skin inflammation, irritation or itching, such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), chronic urticaria (hives/itching), multiple chemical sensitivity disorder, psoriasis and scleroderma.  In addition, it may be useful and well tolerated by patients with mastocytosis or mast cell activation disorder, who flush easily, have sensitive skin, may suffer from skin rashes and lesions, are environmentally sensitive and cannot tolerate most skin lotions or creams.

Can this lotion be used with other skin products or drugs?
Yes. In fact it is expected that its benefit will be greater if used in combination  with appropriate medications and/or luteolin-containing dietary supplements, such as NeuroProtek®, NeuroProtekLP®, FibroProtek® and BrainGain® (

Can it be used on the face?
Yes, but care should be exercised not to get it in the eyes.

What are the active ingredients and their benefits?
Aloe vera extract-Antioxidant and protective
Olive fruit extract-Antioxidant and protective
Chamomile oil-Antioxidant
Oregano oil-Antioxidant
Honey-Antibacterial, protective
Methoxyluteolin-Anti-inflammatory, mast cell blocker
Vitamin C (ascorbate)

Is there any scientific evidence for these benefits?
Yes. Listed within the Scientific Background section of the GentleDerm website (accessible from the Home page) are relevant explanations and numerous scientific publications pertaining to the benefits of each active ingredient.

Has this lotion been used in any clinical trials?
No, not yet.  A trial for eczema is expected to take place.

How often can this lotion be applied?
Once or twice a day, as needed.

How long should this lotion be used?
As long as there is some benefit and no adverse effects, the lotion can be used indefinitely.

Are there any adverse effects?
None known.  In rare instances, some individuals may be sensitive to specific ingredients and therefore may not tolerate the lotion. In such cases, the affected area should be washed thoroughly and the lotion should be discontinued.

Are there any similar products available?
To our knowledge, no other products currently on the market contain this specific combination of active ingredients, nor the novel flavonoid methoxyluteolin.